Impact Projects

This is a snapshot of how I am trying to maximize my positive impact on the world. I will link an article detailing how I spend time on all of these things and manage to find lasting motivation.

Things I am currently doing

Develop risk management skills

I am currently working in operational risk management in the banking sector. My bet is that experience in risk management (how to understand rare but impacting events, how to set up robust control systems, how to reason in the face of uncertainty) helps me acquire many useful skills that I might apply in the future, especially in organizations looking for impact.

This is my main occupation and requires ~ 40 hours / week.

Build an effective altruistic community

It is one of the ways that I can have a much more direct impact. Because I am deeply concerned about the most pressing global problems, devoting time to managing the NGO Altruisme Efficace France is crucial.

My ways to contribute are as follows: 1) be a member of the organization’s board of directors 2) lead community development and awareness efforts 3) lead other initiatives, such as entrepreneurship meetings ” based on impact ”, or contribute to raising awareness of pandemics.

This is my second activity and requires ~ 15 hours / week.


I like to write about everything I have in mind, but my writing is more and more geared towards improving the lives of others and their own lives. I do it regularly ( blog or Quora ) and I have collected millions of views on this last platform. I use this influence to frequently talk about global problems and rationality, which is still rare in French-speaking countries.

My goal is to help develop the most relevant ideas of effective altruism and rationality in France, in collaboration with actors from these circles. For example, on the subject of the coronavirus, we have formed a movement to alert on the counter-intuitive aspects of the phenomenon and the precautions, both sanitary and epistemological that it requires, if we wish to save lives significantly.

I also like to explore topics related to mental health, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or self-compassion.

This is my third activity and requires ~ 5 hours / week.

Creation of a cellular agriculture NGO

Given the risks associated with industrial farming (antimicrobial resistance, zoonoses, GHG emissions, animal suffering), I co-founded the NGO Agriculture Cellulaire France to identify how promising alternatives could reduce these risks.

This is my fourth activity and requires ~ 10 hours / week.

Things I did

Launch an NGO promoting plant alternatives

After promoting effective altruism, the second global problem with which my profile fits rather well is industrial farming .

At the age of 21, I co-founded Assiettes Végétales , an NGO that encourages the introduction of vegetable alternatives in collective catering. The organization now has employees, but I no longer play a very active role. I have a friend on call present at the head of the organization, and I can give lectures on institutional meat reduction campaigns, but I no longer have daily activities within the organization .

Things I will probably do in the next 6 months

Continue my momentum, and learn more about the apprehension of extreme risks by statistics.

Interested more in what I do? Read my first book online for free.