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Navigate the complex world of AI data protection and privacy with confidence. Learn from an industry-leading cybersecurity professional and gain vital insights into maintaining security, privacy, and regulatory compliance with AI tools like ChatGPT.

How to securely implement ChatGPT

About The Instructor

Our course is led by a seasoned cybersecurity professional, well-versed in ISO 27001 standards and a certified ISO 31000 risk manager. Currently studying for the CISM certification, the instructor brings a wealth of real-world experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge to this course, ensuring you get the best learning experience possible.

Four Key Benefits of This Course:


Understand the privacy implications of using AI tools like ChatGPT in your organization. Get a comprehensive insight into data protection, privacy laws, and regulations relevant to AI.


Learn how to protect your organization's sensitive data effectively. Develop robust strategies to ensure data privacy and security when implementing AI technologies.


Adopt practices aligned with ISO 27001standards as they apply to AI and data protection. Stay compliant, mitigate potential risks, and avoid costly penalties and reputation damage.


Gain the confidence to lead your organization in this new AI-driven era. Be the privacy advocate your organization needs, navigating and managing the complexities of AI data privacy with ease.

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